Ilona Király starts working as an international logistics manager for trade shows. Builds up a wide network of commercial relationships, across Eastern and Western Europe, throughout the years. Also works as an organiser of foreign trade show appearances for Hungary.


Király International is founded, as a family business. The company, with several decades of business experience, is now transformed into a new corporate form, and starts working under a new system, thus entering a new phase of development. All conditions (website, e-mail addresses, and supply contracts) are created, as a pre-condition to starting a Europe-wide expansion, and to form a group of companies.


Ilona Király launches her own private business, as a trade show organiser. The company starts with clients primarily from the Carpathian-basin, with a regional focus.


Projects are now carried out with Király International being the prime contractor. A partner network is established, including a group of reliable and monitored suppliers, who are able to deliver high quality services, to further enhance the company’s reputation. A team of designers joins the company, capable of bespoke stand designs. We establish a subsidiary in Hungary, called Király International Hungary.


László Király, Ilona’s son, joins the business. Mother and son work together to run the company. The company starts acquiring new clients internationally. The client base is no longer regional, but expands to all European trade show locations.

Into the future 2020

We intend to continue our strong growth and expansion. We wish to provide more and more professional solutions to cater to the ever changing needs of our existing customers, and wish to acquire new clients in the tourism business, and in the medium and large size enterprises segments.