We are a family business. Our team consists of family members and friends.  Our philosophy is based on the principle that team members must trust and support each other in order to achieve an efficient work performance. Our strong ties and relations ensure that we know each other well, know what to expect from each team member, and all team members perform the tasks they are best at. We are a real community, and provide strong support to each other.

International presence. Organising trade show appearances involves a lot of travelling. We spend most of our time in one of the key European trade show centres. Currently, we have two offices, one in Párkány (Slovakia), and one in Budapest (Hungary). We have partner relationships with experts, who are not employees of the group, but have a strong cooperation with Király International. We have worked with our partners for many years (sometimes decades), therefore, we can offer tried and trusted solutions, at a consistently high quality.

Ilona Király

Position: Co-owner
Location: Budapest, Ungarn

E-mial: ilona@kiraly.international

If you are one of our existing customers, you surely know me very well by now and are aware of the fact that you can contact me any time with any special requests or desires. I will always reply promptly, and propose a proper solution to any queries.

László Király

Position: Managing Director & Co-owner
Location: Budapest, Ungarn

E-mial: laszlo@kiraly.international

It is my task to manage the company’s day-to-day affairs, to ensure a smooth operation. My philosophy is that being a managing director means that I should provide the necessary conditions for our work staff to be able to do their job, and if any sudden problem arises, to provide a solution.

Hunor Lörincz

Job: 3D designer
Location: Budapest, Hungary

E-mial: hunor.lorincz@kiraly.international

I’m the creative mind behind our exhibition stand designs. I design visualisations and 3D renders to provide you with a preview of your stand at pre-built stage.

Éva Vasas

Job: Account Manager
Location: Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: eva.vasas@kiraly.international

I’m responsible for the marketing affairs of Király International. I supervise our e-mail communication, and decide on what advertising campaigns we should launch on our existing or new markets.

Norbert Horváth

Job: Account Manager
Location: Budapest, Hungary

E-mail: norbert.horvath@kiraly.international

If you are an exhibitor contacting us for the first time, I will be your contact person. I handle and co-ordinate responses received regarding our marketing campaigns, and I’m the one responsible for project launches leading to the delivery of design documentation and submission of price quotes.

Anna Lörincz

Job: Account Manager
Location: Budapest, Hungary

E-mial: anna.lorincz@kiraly.international

I prepare price quotes, and reply to all inquiries. I also liaise with some of our top clients. I am responsible for our in-house databases and registration systems. If you have an on-going project with us, or are a return customer, please contact me with any queries.