Architectural design documentation

We will draft all manufacturing plans and design documentation required for the official licensing procedure, based on which the stand can be fabricated by the contractor team at the specialist workshop. The design documentation for the licensing procedure will be needed by the Chief Architect and Static Engineer working for the trade show organiser, to establish whether the exhibition stand to be installed is in compliance with all applicable construction regulations.

All design work starts with an idea. Once the idea is developed into an overall concept, we will prepare a detailed design to provide you with a preview of your stand at pre-built stage. The designers will highlight several details and ideas on the blueprint, which are meant to give a unique character to your custom-designed stand.

Production size provides information for the specialist workshop, to enable the developer team to fabricate precisely matching design elements, for on-site assembly, matching and installation.

The graphic dimensions displayed on the drawings will give your in-house graphic designer precise information about the size of the graphic designs to be displayed on the stand, to be able to adjust the press-ready files properly, during the design phase.